Teach Children to Share


Some of these fun activities can help you teach children to share .

Toy rotation. The concept of playing with an object in rotation is more easily understood than the concept toddlers share toys . Use a timer and plug in a short time , say 1-2 minutes . Let the toddler playing with an object in his turn . He would let her play with the thing because he knew that it would come back to him after his playing time was running out. Do not forget to praise the child , for example by saying , ” Oh , well once you lend Nia doll . ” If no one else , make yourself as a friend to share her .

Play a role . Show your child wants to share that with him getting close friendships and fun .
Doctor, . Invite one child to play with her friends . Make dolls as patients who had to be taken to hospital . Ask your child acts as the mother of the patient to give the doll to her friend who plays a doctor to be examined . When finished , ask her to give back the doll in children .
Car repair shop . When a toy cars , toy tell if there is damage to the child and should be brought to the workshop ; ask him to give her car to her friend who plays mechanic to be fixed . When finished , ask her to give the cars back on the little guy .
Play date . Children often have the opportunity to play with their peers will learn more about the benefits of sharing . Set up a play date , ie, activity play together in an appointed place . The time is not too long . Let the kids busy playing with his friends . Watch them from a distance.

Playing in the playground . Schedule regular visits to a park or playground . Toys there is a common property so that the situation supports children to learn to share . However jikakondisinya changed , for example, children fighting over a toy with another child , distract the other things or take her home . – Can be dropped

Stay in your place . Occasionally, encourage children to stay in the home of one of his cousins ​​the same age. Toddlers have the opportunity to learn to share , such as sharing food , toys or books that he brought his cousin with similar objects . If possible , let them sleep one bed .

Borrow a toy or a book . Each child has a toy that is very special and she did not want to lend it to someone else . If you want to teach children to share by way of borrowing a toy or a book with a neighbor boy , separate toddler first special toy in a box or closet enclosed before his coming . Tell the child that the toy is a toy box that does not want him to lend his friend . In contrast , out of the box toys are toys that children do not mind lent it to a friend .

Musing care . Children can learn to pay attention and share to others when you are invited to participate to help people afflicted with , for example :
Donate some pocket money or money giving people ( red packet ) , clothes , uniforms or secondhand books , stationery , and toys that are educational in some body or a charitable foundation .
Enrolling children while distributing the donations , if conditions permit . In addition to stimulating the small sensitivity to appreciate and understand the feelings of others who are hurting , you are also able to explain and teach him how he should behave when dealing with people who are stricken .


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