Should Childhood School….?

anak sekol

According Mayke S. Tedjasaputra , Psychologist and Play Therapist , children under 3 years of age have not need to be incorporated into the school . Should nurture children at home and give children the opportunity to play a more varied and appropriate to the stage of development of their age . Parents should be child’s play to give the freedom to explore and learn from mistakes . In this case the child will have the opportunity to learn independently .
By playing together , will create a strong bond between parents and children, especially mothers . Mother role is very important because the mother is the first teacher from the child still in the womb and in the first 3 years of age.

Through play activities , parents can understand children better and be able to know the potential of the child at an early age ( 0-3 years ) , including aptitude and interest . But considering the present time the majority of both parents working outside the home , then some of them choose to send their children to daycare or child care facility which provides learned . Can be understood only in the home than children cared for by a baby sitter who does not necessarily understand the world of child development .
Even if both parents work , it does not mean you have an excuse . You can optimize the time available ( especially on weekends ) to play with your baby . Here are some guidelines to consider in play activities :

1.  Space to Explore : let the kids keep playing explore inside and outside space ( both physically and mentally ) . Challenges encountered and novelties will help their development .
2.  Room to Think : to give children the freedom to learn independently and able to express their feelings .
3.  Opportunities to Experience : allow children to learn things Barudan learn from their mistakes .
4.  Time to Play : porsikan enough time to play and give them the opportunity to explore the world .
5.  Freedom to Choose : give the child the freedom to choose the activities they want to play .


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