The influence of media on children growing bigger , more sophisticated technology and the numbers are high . But parents do not have sufficient time to observe , engage and supervise children. Children spend more time watching TV, playing playstation , watch video / DVD / VCD from doing other things.
Patterns of children in consuming media is able to influence the child . At this time , it seems difficult to separate the children from the media . Imagine his day-to- day use of the TV, watching VCD / DVD , play video games , use the internet , read the comics , wear mobile phones and so on . Nowadays children are children who from birth had been accustomed to the presence of the above mentioned media , the media is ” besieged ” child . Media has become part of day-to- day life of a child . Media reach all people everywhere.
Media is a two-sided coin inseparable from one another . On the other hand , the media , revealing the face of ‘ prosocial ‘ . The other side features the face of ‘ asocial ‘ . On the side of prosocial media disseminate information through media such as newspapers , television , radio , movies and the internet has shaped human knowledge and opinions about a variety of events or matters concerning life . In the face of positive , prosocial laden media . For example , educational events and information on TV, children story books , educational sites on the internet , movies that entertain and educate all at once , or videogames are unhealthy for children.

However , at the time of the media to highlight the downside, the media becomes destructive . Media featuring loads of bad consumed, especially younger children, such as for example the side show of force , porn sites , porn comics , films or games of violence. Media is said to carry a payload of anti- social .
For the kids , the activities of watching television could be a must. In fact, there are kids who spent most of his time in front of the television . By doing so, ad impressions and views on mediapun could be one of the models for infants and children . From time to time , a great many cases the impact of the media , especially television broadcast in Indonesia , for example ” cases Smackdown ” . Another case is the complaint of a mother for her child 3.5 years of age , Cadel discretion and stammer . It turns out that the child is imitating the characters in the soap opera “The Yoyo ” . The soap opera featuring young unadorned figure , who has behavioral and thought patterns like a kid. Tersbut soap has proven that to be ” magic ” for the children , so many characters that mimic the yoyo .
Media reach all people everywhere. That the question is : what the media actually used our children and the potential to influence ? The answer : Alarming ! !
The mass media , especially television , is a very effective means to transfer the values ​​and messages that can influence a wide audience . Even television can make people addicted . Now, the audio-visual media has become the most efficient of social narcotics and most acceptable. Interaction community , especially children, to television , very high . Ideally a child watching television just as much as two hours a day . Data television viewing patterns in children showed that the number of hours kids watch hours of watching extravagant ideal. The figure of 35 hours per week , it is the equivalent of 1820 hours per year , while studying at the elementary school children in accordance with the United Nations        Education and Culture Organization ( UNESCO ) does not exceed 1,000 hours per year . If you see a comparison of the number of hours watching television with the number of hours in school , then into effect the formation of mindset , character , and behavior of children thus formed through a television show .
Child Development Media Research Foundation ( YPMA ) in 2006 total TV viewing in children SD ranges between 30-35 hours a week (about 4.5 hours per day ) . Not to mention, this is still added about 10 hours to play video games. This is the amount of time that is too large for the less wholesome entertainment for children. In fact, the maximum number of allowed members are children watching TV or other media games like play station , computers and other up to 2 hours a day . The data show that the time children watch TV while long holiday weekend sekitra 3 hours compared to hours of watching TV on weekdays . TV does deliver more holiday events in children compared to other days.
Who is most affected media simple ? The answer : two groups ie children and teenagers. There are three things that the main reason :

  1.  Children and adolescents are usually not critical
  2.  Children and adolescents are generally happy to imitation of   what is     seen or heard
  3. The influence of peers .




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