Nilai Matematika Kelas 8C dan 8D


Soal Prakarya Kelas VII Semester 1

Anak Anda Susah Makan Ini Solusinya?

Susah makan merupakan salah satu masalah yang sering dijumpai pada anak. Sampai-sampai orangtua dibuat bingung dan khawatir dengan sikap buah hatinya yang susah makan. Adakalanya orangtua kurang faham dengan keinginan anak sehingga pola pemberian makan sehari-hari menjadi rutinitas harian yang membosankan bagi anak. Sebagai orangtua, kita harus tahu di kelompok manakah usia anak kita karena kebutuhan dan selera yang berbeda-beda di setiap usia.


“Susah makan” adalah segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan ketidakmampuan bayi atau anak untuk mengkonsumsi sejumlah makanan yang diperlukannya, secara alamiah dan wajar yaitu dengan menggunakan mulutnya secara sukarela.


Tanda-tanda anak susah makan biasanya mudah dikenali oleh ibu karena ibu biasanya tahu kebiasaan makan anak sehari-hari. Setiap anak menunjukkan tanda yang berbeda sesuai dengan usia dan karakter mereka masing-masing.

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Teach Children to Share


Some of these fun activities can help you teach children to share .

Toy rotation. The concept of playing with an object in rotation is more easily understood than the concept toddlers share toys . Use a timer and plug in a short time , say 1-2 minutes . Let the toddler playing with an object in his turn . He would let her play with the thing because he knew that it would come back to him after his playing time was running out. Do not forget to praise the child , for example by saying , ” Oh , well once you lend Nia doll . ” If no one else , make yourself as a friend to share her .

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Si Centil Lagi Action

Should Childhood School….?

anak sekol

According Mayke S. Tedjasaputra , Psychologist and Play Therapist , children under 3 years of age have not need to be incorporated into the school . Should nurture children at home and give children the opportunity to play a more varied and appropriate to the stage of development of their age . Parents should be child’s play to give the freedom to explore and learn from mistakes . In this case the child will have the opportunity to learn independently .
By playing together , will create a strong bond between parents and children, especially mothers . Mother role is very important because the mother is the first teacher from the child still in the womb and in the first 3 years of age.

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Danger Drinks Sports Drinks for Kids

minumAccording to the doctor to say that parents should not give their children minumam energized , because the content is very dangerous kofiennya level .
A study published in the journal Paediatrics found the energy drinks contain up to 14 times more caffeine than other soft drinks . So , this content may be regarded as ‘ toxic ‘ for children .
Warning against energy drinks and sports stated that they contain extra calories that most can not be burned . Energy drinks also contain sugar can cause tooth decay .
They asked parents to give more water to their children . White water claimed as best drink for most of the kids who do regular physical activity .
Energy drinks containing stimulants , including caffeine is associated with diabetes , heart problems , behavioral problems , and even premature death .
Sports drinks contain carbohydrates , minerals , and electrolytes , and is designed to replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat .
The study was criticized ads that encourage young people to believe that energy drinks can help them achieve peak physical performance .
Energy drink brands highlighted in the report include Red Bull , Monster and Rockstar . The sports drink is called the All Sport , Gatorade and Powerade .

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The influence of media on children growing bigger , more sophisticated technology and the numbers are high . But parents do not have sufficient time to observe , engage and supervise children. Children spend more time watching TV, playing playstation , watch video / DVD / VCD from doing other things.
Patterns of children in consuming media is able to influence the child . At this time , it seems difficult to separate the children from the media . Imagine his day-to- day use of the TV, watching VCD / DVD , play video games , use the internet , read the comics , wear mobile phones and so on . Nowadays children are children who from birth had been accustomed to the presence of the above mentioned media , the media is ” besieged ” child . Media has become part of day-to- day life of a child . Media reach all people everywhere.
Media is a two-sided coin inseparable from one another . On the other hand , the media , revealing the face of ‘ prosocial ‘ . The other side features the face of ‘ asocial ‘ . On the side of prosocial media disseminate information through media such as newspapers , television , radio , movies and the internet has shaped human knowledge and opinions about a variety of events or matters concerning life . In the face of positive , prosocial laden media . For example , educational events and information on TV, children story books , educational sites on the internet , movies that entertain and educate all at once , or videogames are unhealthy for children.

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